EMC to compete with IBM, others in analytics space

Pat Gelsinger’s gang at EMC have today announced the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance. It’s an integrated data warehouse system which uses the massively parallel processing (MPP) Greenplum architecture – and is for organisations to sort through and “make sense of” the massive flood of data which floods in, through whatever means.

Greenplum was acquired by EMC earlier this year. EMC says its Greenplum Appliance has “twice the data loading speed” of competing products – meaning Oracle Exadata systems. This sort of thing will be vital for data management – the hot thing right now, and IBM does this too, is to refer to the IDC report which suggests data will grow 44-fold over the next decade. With all these bits and bytes flying about you need something that’ll let you seperate the chaff from the wheat and assist you plonk it in for appropriate archiving or whatever you want to do with it.

EMC recently opened its Data Computing Products Division, the aim of which is to develop analytics to help in the handling of the “big data phenomenon”. It reckons Greenplum sits at the core.

The announced Data Computing Appliance is built uon Greenplum Database 4.0, running parallel-everything architecture which can manage loading performance of 10 terabytes an hour.
It offers, compared to “competitive systems” (EMC highlights Exadata, Netezza and Teradata) three times more scalability and “up to” four times as many database cores. It’ll be available in different configurations depending on requirements, so think half-rack, full-rack and multiple rack appliance for terabyte to petabyte-scale operations.

Business analytics, where the dosh is, will be hot on the agenda for EMC, it announced today. Rival IBM has recently begun a hardcore analytics push. EMC’s consulting, professional services, support and training for data warehouses and business analytics will all be on the shelf as of today.

The Data Computing Appliance is available, worldwide, directly from EMC today.