EMC steals storage revenues crown from HP

IDC’s second quarter global disk storage systems report is out and it’s good news for growth – with systems factory revenues swelling 12.2 percent compared to the same time last year, reaching about $5.6 billion.

Total disk storage systems reached $7.5 billion in revenues, or a 10.2 percent year-on-year growth, while capacity worldwide is now at 5,353 petabytes, or 46.7 percent growth in just one year.

The lion’s share of external disk storage systems factory revenue for the quarter went to Kickin’ Pat Gelsinger’s EMC, holding 28.7 percent of the market. IBM and NetApp were roughly tied for second place, with 13.7 percent and 12.8 percent respectively. SAPman Apotheker’s HP was still in the top five, at 11 percent, down very slightly from Q2 2010 which was 11.3 percent. Hitachi and Dell brought up the rear holding 8.1 percent and 7.9 percent of the market respectively. 

The figures account for acquisitions over the last year, including HP’s H3C and 3PAR buys. EMC was combined with Isilon sales, while Dell had Compellent tallied up.

The total disk storage systems market saw EMC snatch the top spot from HP, finishing first with 21.6 percent of the market. HP had 19.2 percent. This is mainly down to EMC’s aggressive growth, at a rate of 26 percent from the same time last year. 

The remaining top five, IBM, Dell and NetApp, came third fourth and fifth respectively. Their shares were 15.5 percent, 11.1 percent and 9.6 percent.