EMC outperforms many in 2010 storage systems

Factory revenues for global external disk storage systems has seen 16.2 percent year-on-year growth in 2010 – slightly short of $6.1 billion for the fourth quarter.

In quarter four, the disk storage systems market almost hit $8.3 billion in revenues, which was 14.3 percent higher than the same time last year. 5,127 petabytes of capacity was shipped, up over half at 55.7 percent from the same period 2009. 

Kickin’ Pat Gelsinger’s EMC triumphed yet again as leader of the pack, holding 26 percent of the revenue share in external disk storage systems during the quarter. IBM managed a less impressive 16.3 percent to make second while HP took in 11.6 percent of the share, sitting at third. NetApp was comfortable in fourth place with 10.3 percent share, while HItachi and Dell were just about perched side by side with 8.7 percent and 7.9 percent respectively. 

EMC performed all round. It was also the leader in the total open networked disk storage market – so that’s NAS Combined with Open and iSCSI SAN – where it held 29.7 percent revenue share. IBM trailed with 15.2 percent. The market as a whole grew 21.7 percent year-on-year in the quarter to reach total revenues of $5.1 billion. Meanwhile, in Open SAN, EMC was yet again leaving the rest in the dust: holding 20.1 percent of the market revenue share, again followed by IBM with 19 percent, then HP with 15.4 percent.

Dell however did well in iSCSI SAN, leading with 32.6 percent, HP in second place with 14.7 percent, and EMC cropping up again to take third with 13.4 percent. 

It’s especially the high-end segment, that is, with an average selling price of over $250,000, that did very well in the fourth quarter according to International Data Corporation. There was high sequential growth in all segments, picking up from the declines in the money black hole that was 2009 and cementing the excellent recovery rate of 2010. High end market share is at 30.2 percent, which means it’s just about where it stood pre-global crisis in 2008. Demand for both storage consolidation and data centre upgrades, as well as vendor product pushes, kept it afloat. 

Overall for total disk storage systems in all of 2010, HP and EMC were pretty much tied for the top spot. They both hit a statistical stalemate for top share at 19.2 percent each.

Likewise for the total disk storage systems market in 2010, HP and EMC were both tidy at the top with 19 percent share each. They were followed by IBM at 16 percent share, Dell at 11.9 percent share and NetApp with 8.2 percent share.  

*EyeSee Picture is more traditional storage, not from IBM, EMC or HP. Or even Dell or NetApp.