EMC, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple get Novell patents

IT behemoths Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle are the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse companies lurking behind CPTN Holdings, LLC, a vessel formed to buy 882 patents from Novell.

Novell said it would be acquired by Attachmate on 22 November, while various patents would be bought by CPTN Holdings for $450 million. It was only known that Microsoft was organising CPTN Holdings.

The power of Twitter revealed to Florian Müller, author of the FOSS patent blog, that the German Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office) had made the ownership of CPTN Holdings public on 9 December.

No one knows what on earth the patents cover, nor why the four players decided to hook up and pimp them together. What is also not known is how the companies in question will enact the patents. Perhaps CPTN Holdings was merely launched to keep antitrust authorities at bay, or if there are any nefarious ends.

Open Source advocates will at least be happy to know the Beast of Redmond is being handled, despite Microsoft having become the lesser evil nowadays with the rise of Google the Serpent,Beelzebub Facebook and Thee Apple of Original Sin (including vanity).

TechEye has asked the parties involved to clarify matters and will add answers if they arrive.