Emblaze sues Apple

Israeli company Emblaze has acted on the threat it made to Apple back in February this year and has started legal action against the Cupertino Kid.

Emblaze owns a number of patents and is taking action against Apple for alleged infringement of US patent 6,389,473.  The patent describes methods for real time broadcasting over networks like the internet.

The company said it unveiled the patent in a live video streaming broadcast from the White House in Easter 1998.

Apple, Emblaze alleges, sells products including HTTP live streaming standard technology that infringe several patents, including tech in the iPhone, the iPod and Quick Time X, part of the Snow Leopard operating system.

Soon after Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, said it would adopt HTTP live streaming standard technology, Emblaze contacted the firm and offered it a licence. But Apple doesn’t want to take a licence.

The case was filed in the US district court for the southern district of New York on the 28th of July last. Emblaze wants a jury trial and damages. Emblaze threatened Microsoft too in February.

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