Electronic Arts settles with Activision Blizzard

Two of the biggest computer games publishers have buried the hatchet over a dispute involving the Respawn studio.

According to Reuters, the pair have been spitting legal tacks at each other over the career paths of two former Activision executives, Jason West and Vincent Zampella who were the brains behind the “Call of Duty” game.

Activision claimed that EA encouraged West and Zampella to revolt against their rule. It met with them even though West and Zampella were under contract to Activision and managed to get the papers to the secret submarine plans while getting hold of the prototype assault rifle.

Activision fired the pair who went on and formed their own outfit called Respawn in 2010. They then signed an exclusive publishing and distribution deal with EA and carried on writing software for their new glorious masters.

West and Zampella sued Activision over their dismissal and sought $36 million in royalty payments and damages. Activision counter-sued, demanding $400 million in actual and punitive damages from EA and Respawn.

West and Zampella have not reached a settlement with Activision and their case is to be heard on May 29 in a Los Angeles state court.