Ed Vaizey ready to turn on Google

Minister Ed Vaizey is predicted to u-turn on his position towards Google in an upcoming European Commission antitrust ruling. He is minister for practically everything, with so many remits, that, like an ivy, he creeps into every nook and cranny of the Whitehall wall.

Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said ministers such as Ed Vaizey are now on the side of European businesses who feel they have been trampled on by Google’s alleged monopolising. 

Vaizey heard concerns from British companies earlier this year, though at the time he brushed them aside. “It is open to the consumer to choose the product that best suits them, but it is also open to individual companies to partner with whichever companies they choose,” he said. 

Now, it’s expected that he will rally behind a collective of independent European businesses to approach Google over its stronghold on the web search market.

Our source believes that, having reviewed more of the evidence against Google, Vaizey has changed his mind.