Ebay sued for $3.8 billion

Once upon a time on the internet, lived an auction house which was known throughout the whole world.

Ebay, for that was its name, was famous for its gold which it kept locked up in the many rooms of its large house.

One day the King of the Trolls heard about Ebay and its large amount of money and thought “I’m having some of that”.

In ancient times the trolls would have invaded Ebay’s home, before the sun came up, steal its gold, smash the furniture and sell the auction house to the Goblin Slave markets just outside Slough.

Since this is a modern fairy story, the King of the Trolls, whose name was XPRT, for the Trolls have not invented vowels yet, contacted his lawyer.

The Lawyer bought in an immediate law suit  for allegedly infringing patents held by XPRT.  King XPRT had never invented anything in his life but he had got his troll like claws on some pieces of paper which he found in the ruins of some burnt out companies.

The trollish king sued eBay, PayPay, Bill Me Later, Shopping.com. and StubHub in the US District Court in Delaware. It claims that eBay violated six patents that let shoppers make purchases online using alternative forms of payment instead of their credit cards, among other processes.

If the Trollish King had invented paying on the internet without using a credit card he certainly never did anything with it. But he does appear to be keen to sue an outfit which did.

King XPRT’s lawyers say the patent holders are not seeking an injunction but want to be “fairly compensated” for their ideas.

 In otherwords it is not interested in stopping the ideas from being used., it just wants the bags of gold have to be delivered to the King by sun up.  It is the same result as before, only no one’s furniture gets smashed and the Goblins do not get fresh slaves.