E-retailers fear new EU rules

Changes to European rules on product returns will cost ebusineses billions of euros a year, an industry body has warned.

According to Reuters, the EU has insisted that retailers cover the cost of returned goods costing more than 40 euro and that consumers can require a retailer in any other EU member state to sell a product to them.

In other words, those retailers on eBay who say they can’t deliver to Rome will be stuffed.

But IMRG, which represents internet retailers, said the cost of draft amendments to the European Union’s (EU) Consumer Rights Directive, would equal four percent of the estimated value of Europe’s e-commerce industry in 2012.

They fear that the changes to the rules, which have just been voted through could den growth and leading to higher prices for consumers, an industry body warned on Thursday.

IMRG Chief Executive James Roper said the changes to the rules were some of the most disastrous for the online industry ever seen.

He said that as well as being unnecessary they would inevitably lead to significant price increases being forced on to hard-pressed consumers.

Roper said the changes would push up prices across all retail channels and disadvantaging SMEs to the point where many would be forced to cease trading online.

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