Dublin and Dullsville San Jose celebrate 25 years of twindom

Last time I was in Dublin, Eire, was a few years before the last time I was in San Jose – dubbed Dullsville because everything shuts at 9PM. Last time I was in Dublin nothing appeared to shut, especially not the pubs. It must be the time difference. Everything always shut in Dullsville, very early. No craic there.

And so we are happy to note that Gerry Breen, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, is paying a visit to its twin city, Dullsville, to cerebrate (sic) the 25th anniversary of the two towns being twinned.

Apparently, the twin cities were established by the Mayor of San Jose – a man called Tom McEnery and the then Lord Mayor of Dublin, one Bertie Ahern.

The current Mayor of San Jose is one Chuck Reed – a name rather less Irish than McEnery. His Honour Reed tells us that both cities are “global centers (sic) of innovation and entrepreneurship”.

Yes, well Intel established one of its fabs at Leixlip, the site of a former stud farm, and only two skips and a jump from the Guinness fab.  Guinness does not apparently travel well, but the Irish certainly do.  His Honour Gerry Breen (pictured) belongs to the party called Fine Gael (pronounced finny gale). Breenmeister will be accompanied by this lot – Deputy Lord Mayor Edie Wynne, Councilor Mary Freehill, Deputy City Manager Philip Maguire, Peter Finnegan of the City of Dublin, President Imelda Reynolds and CEO Gina Quin of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Pat Frain of University College Dublin, Tom Flanagan of the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ian Brunswick of Trinity College Dublin and Dr. Stephen Brennan of the Digital Hub Development Agency.

No one from Magee University, we note. But that’s on the wrong side of the border.  The event will kick off with a traditional Irish breakfast so all hail the Glorious Black Pudding! For the craic, for the gammon and for the gash! HH Gerry Breen has a fine gong around his neck.

*EyeSee  San Jose has a rather fine (pronounced fine) Rosicrucian museum. We trust HH Chuck Reed will show his Irish guests that thing, because WB Yeats – if you’ve heard of him – was a Rosicrucian too, writes Fibber MaGee. Who is not from Island Magee – which is really a peninsula, and looks like one too. The Hills of Tara relate.