Drones can’t deliver packages

The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled out the use of drones to deliver packages.

Drones were being tested by Amazon to deliver books and packages, but it turns out that the scheme might never get off the ground.

An FAA document is apparently seeking public comment on its policy on drones, or what the agency calls “model aircraft”.

Since 2007 the FAA has said that the commercial operation of drones is illegal.

A federal judge ruled in March that the FAA failed to call for public input before adopting the rules.

That decision is in the process of being appealed, but in the meantime the FAA is calling for public input wit the idea of looking at the commercial application of small drones later this year, with potential new rules in place perhaps by the end of 2015.

The FAA named Amazon’s December proposal as an example of what is barred under regulations that allow the use of drones for hobby and recreational purposes.

Amazon hopes the agency will change its mind, but is not holding its breath.