Distributors not biting on Office 2010

Only 30 percent of the distributor delegates here in Monaco have Office 2010 installed on their machines, and a Microsoft representative, Dana Manciagli,  said there is a distribution opportunity out there. Only 12 percent of distributors are asking for Office 2010 but 30 percent of resellers are going for 2010.

Microsoft has simplified the programme because of channel feedback and believes there is a big upsell opportunity with Windows 7, Office 2010 and other products.

Microsoft hardware is now exclusively a distribution and retail play. Microsoft has heard from the channel these products should be easier to sell.  Microsoft will give all the Distree delegates a Microsoft 3000 mouse.

Microsoft’s Foundation Server is available to the channel with a full stack of server software. Sixty one million businesses around the world have still to buy their first software.

Virtualisation is “hot” but Microsoft Virtualisation has now outpaced VMWare, thanks to the channel. Windows System Management is growing faster than any platform. Microsoft will offer the channel Server Acceleration this week to provide marketing and sales kits, and some simplification. The channel has the chance to jump into the virtualisation client.

On the Windows client side, Microsoft said it will show featured PCs that are the most premium PCs, selling people up. In developed markets there is still the opportunity to follow the PC out of the door with Genuine OSes.  Microsoft wants the channel to be in the Cloud with no cost of logistics.

People are still emailing everything but Windows 7+ will give you your own personal cloud, moving from emails and attachments into a space where people can collaborate on a document real time. You can already do this of course, with stuff like Dropbox. Microsoft’s marketing message will mean investments of millions in the next years. Microsoft has joined the Windows and the cloud and will add the Windows Mobile phone, once it becomes ubiquitous. Microsoft is listening to the channel and improved its incentive programmes.