Digital Economy Act gets a lashing

Earlier this week the UK coalition government put up a web site aimed at pieces of legislation that were ill conceived or threatening to civil liberty.

The government says it will listen to the people and canvass our views before it drafts a “freedom bill” or whatever it turns out to be.

As TechEye reported shortly before the UK general election, the then opposition, the Conservative Party, colluded with the Labour Party to push the digital economy act through, effectively stifling debate and ignoring the many voices from the IT world ranged against it. The Liberal Democrats, now in coalition with the Conservative Party, opposed this.

Now we see on the “Your Freedom” site an appeal to the government to can the digital economy act as a basic assault on freedom. It remains to be seen whether the lobbyists for the now act will be more influential than the Queen’s subjects.

You can find the appeal here All other ideas are here..