Developers losing interest in Apple

rat treading waterDevelopers are starting to lose interest in Apple Cargo Cult because of its ‘secretive, controlling’ culture and the fact its its engineering is no longer cutting edge.

Apple’s treatment of its staff was once worth putting up with when the company was coming up with new ideas and was seen as a cool place to work.  But now it appears that Apple’s increasingly paranoid environment which is short on perks and doesn’t allow engineers to talk about their work publicly is a turn off.

The Guardian reports  that developers are crossing Jobs’ Mob off their list because the culture is negative, strict and harsh.

One developer was quoted as saying  “At Apple, you’re gonna be working 60-80 hours a week and some VP will come yell at you at any moment? That’s a very hostile work environment.”

Apple is getting into trouble.  Its sales are slowing and it does not have any new ideas that it can market the hell out of to save it.

Several Silicon Valley talent recruiters say that developers have lost interest in Apple slowly for a while. Since the latest tech boom Jobs’ Mob has been finding , has become more acute.  To make matters worse while once they would have kept quiet because they did not want to damage their chances of scoring a lucrative job in Apple they are starting to say why.

As a result Apple is not attracting the top young talent, who opt for Facebook, Alphabet, Uber and Airbnb, say recruiters.

The best engineers want to work on the bleeding edge and Apple is not there any more. The Apple Watch was a joke and everyone already has a smartphone.

Then there is the fact that while Apple makes huge profits it does not pass on anything good to its workers. Apple doesn’t serve free food, which was unusual in 2012 and, in 2016 Silicon Valley, shocking for highly prized and pampered engineers accustomed to perks. It does not even give them  free phones.

It is also bad that Apple workers are forbidden from telling people what they are working on which hinders developers street cred.