Department of Work and Pensions sign six year contract with Fujitsu

Despite claiming to be cutting down on spending, the Government keeps on announcing new contracts and creating new websites.

This time the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has commisioned AppSense, a provider of virtualisation solutions with Fujitsu to provide desktop management for more than 1,000 locations in the UK.

The contract, which will be effective on the first of September will run for six-years and involves approximately 140,000 desktop devices. It is claimed to be one of the largest desktop and thin client outsource deals in Europe. But we wonder how much this is really needed in the age of austerity. We also wonder how the department gets past the recent announcement that there will be a freeze on ICT projects in the public sector worth £1 million or more.

We’re not sure however if this project goes over this price tag as it seems the DWP isn’t so keen on sharing the news. When we called up to find out a little more information a representative wouldn’t comment. Not even as to how much the contract would cost.

Fujitsu selected AppSense’s user virtualisation technology to effectively manage user-specific information independent of the desktop. AppSense Environment Manager will be used to manage the user’s personalisation features and reapply them on-demand at each login. In addition, Environment Manager will be used to help migrate users to new desktops.

Tony Clarke, vice president of EMEA at AppSense, said: “Partnering with a leading systems integrator like Fujitsu is a great opportunity for us to continue our growth and serves as a tremendous accolade for our products.

“Our goal at AppSense is to provide a flawless, personal, predictable and easily manageable user environment. We welcome this partnership with Fujitsu, and look forward to helping provide the key components of a virtualised desktop environment that will result in cost savings and increased control for the end-customer.”