Departing Palm exec disses HP

The former brains behind Palm has left HP claiming that the maker of expensive printer ink was not up to the challenge of running webOS.

Speaking to The Verge, Jon Rubinstein said that he always planned to leave HP a year after it bought Palm, but had stayed around to help the company get the Touchpad into the shops.

He said that Palm built an amazing OS in webOS which was very advanced and where things are going. However, it ran out of runway, and ended up at HP. But HP wasn’t in good enough shape on its own to be able to support the operating system.

Rubinstein said that during the 19 months he was at HP, he had four CEOs. Mark Hurd bought Palm, Cathie Lesjak took over as the interim CEO, then Leo Apotheker, and now Meg Whitman.

At the moment Rubinstein is taking a holiday, but does not plan to retire. He still thinks that what he managed to do was brilliant.

What Palm did in four and a half years was amazing, he claimed. WebOS got its early start about six months before he got to Palm and it was not the same as webOS is today. He said that it was an enormous amount of work for a large group of people for many years.

He told the Verge that the future is in mobile and then possibly home integration. But he does think that there will be new webOS devices out there eventually.