Democrats expect executives and laywers to defend them against hackers

face palmThe Democratic National Committee has not really learnt its lessons about hackers.  It has formed a new committee to defend itself against future hackers and has not included a single computer technical expert – in other words all chiefs and no indians.

According to a memo obtained by POLITICO, the committee will be made up of  Rand Beers, former Department of Homeland Security acting secretary; Nicole Wong, former deputy chief technology officer of the U.S. and a former technology lawyer for Google and Twitter; Aneesh Copra, co-founder of Hunch Analytics and former chief technology officer of the U.S and Michael Sussmann, a partner in privacy and data security at the law firm Perkins Coie and a former Justice Department cybercrime prosecutor.  After all laywers and executives always know what to do when your server is hacked and how to protect it.

interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile wrote in a memo that the board would prevent future attacks and “ensure that the DNC’s cybersecurity capabilities are best-in-class, I am creating a Cybersecurity Advisory Board composed of distinguished experts in the field,” .

“The Advisory Board will work closely with me and the entire DNC to ensure that the party is prepared for the grave threats it faces—today and in the future.”

Hard to see how that works. Hacking attacks are usually stopped by a security expert who knows what they are doing wiring up a system which prevents hacking. A lawyer is not particularly useful and while NSA looks good on a CV the phrase “acting secretary” does not mean that they dealt with much hacking.