Dell spends mystery bucks on Scalent

Dell is ready to buy out maker of data centre software Scalent, merging it with its Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM) technology.

According to Michael Dell’s lot, its AIM tech makes data centre management hassle free and easy, putting all the power in the hands of one single administrator overlord who can use it to decide and delegate what needs looking at: compute, storage and network resources and virtual application workloads.

And buying out Scalent will help – Dell reckons that Scalent’s software combined with the mighty load of Dell’s servers will boost efficiency as well as prove that it doesn’t like to lock customers into proprietary hardware – unless we’re talking Intel chips? – or gateways.

It’s not a matter of simply buying out Scalent, says, er, Scalent. CEO Benjamin Linder says that the Scalent team will all be hopping on board The Good Ship Dell and that its investment in his company will mean Ben and Co. can keep on developing on Scalent’s open architecture and improving the software all the way.

The terms of the deal so far are undisclosed.