Dell pushes on with EMC acquisition

EMC logoIt looks like the speculation that Dell wants to buy EMC appears to have more legs than many thought.

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal posted a story suggesting a deal was in the offing. But it has followed that original story up by saying that the deal, with its buddies at Silver Lake, would require $50 billion to be available.

The Wall Street Journal is not given to publishing rumours without facts behind them. But there is still some doubt as to whether the deal will go through. The WSJ is saying a deal could take place pretty soon.

Yesterday, at the Canalys Channels Forum held in Barcelona, a senior executive at Dell Europe refused to comment on the matter.

But several attendees asked about the acquisition suggested that it made a lot of sense. HP used to have a strong relationship with EMC but that alliance dissolved some time ago. Dell is committed to selling its products and services through two tier distribution and buying EMC would complement its own channel push, and give it additional leverage in the global market.

An EMC buy would really put Dell in the very top league in terms of market share and would accelerate its move to a two tier model.