Dell ordered to send out kit to hacked-off Taiwanese consumers

Dell’s Taiwan web store screw-up last year, when it accidentally advertised products for as little as a third of the proper price, has turned out to favour the Taiwanese consumer with a court ordering the company to deliver the kit for the gaffe price tag.

Eighteen laptops and 76 flat-panel monitors must be sent on to 31 consumers in the region for the advertised price tags. The products include the Latitude E4300 notebook, which was mistakenly put up for NT$18,558 ($579 USD) instead of NT$60,900 ($1,870 USD).

The Taiwanese government , in accordance of Taiwan’s Consumer Protection Law, last year fined Dell NT$1 million after consumer complaints about pricing problems. The company offered coupons to the affected but that didn’t fly. 

It seems the Taiwan consumer is sick of apologies and coupons and just wants its cheap kit. Dell has so far not offered comment on the matter, though it did apologise on its website. 

This is the first of seven similar cases that Dell has actually lost out on so far. It’s only a small victory – while Dell must send out 76 flat-panel monitors, it is thought that up to 200,000 had been ordered.