Dell moves to conquer China

Dell is planning on making big tracks in China. Not for the first time, we might add.

According to the China Global Times, the manufacturer has designs to launch a range of retail centres across the country.

Known as “commercial experience centres”, these will be a base to showcase the company’s PC and mobile offerings for both businesses and consumers.

Yang Chao, president for the Greater China region at Dell, told reporters in Beijing yesterday, that in addition to the 1000 centres planned, the company would also plough dough into another 1000 outlets for after-sale care. This would add to the 1000 already in the country.

According to research firm IDC Dell’s market share in China dropped by 7.5 percent in the fourth quarter, and was trampled upon by Acer, which took second place, and Lenovo which hit the top position.

Speaking of the company’s market share, Yang described it as a “blip” –  he said that the company would fare much better in China this year.

We assume it’s putting a fair bit of confidence on its smart devices, which it plans to launch in  China later this year.