Dell, Microsoft, Asustek and Acer sued

MedioStream, a multimedia technology firm, has filed a lawsuit against Dell, Microsoft, Asustek and Acer.

MedioStream, which specialises in the production of DVD burning tools and audio/visual processing, made claims against the companies at the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, on 30 November, alleging that the firms have knowingly distributed products that infringe upon a copyrighted patent.

The patent, No 7,843,508 (the ‘508 patent) refers to a method and system for direct recording of video information onto a disk medium which was applied for and approved by MedioStream in 29 August 2007.

According to the ‘508 patent the invention is directed to processing video and audio information. More specifically, the invention provides a method and system for converting video information in an incoming format into an outgoing format, and then writing the video information on a disk medium.  

The patent also mentions that the invention has a broader range of applicability, such as being applied to a variety of formats and information including audio information for a range of applications such as fixed files, streaming video, captured streaming video and audio.

It is alleged by MedioStream that the defendant firms have knowingly placed “computer products that infringe MedioStream’s patent into the stream of commerce” within the State of Texas, with the knowledge that such products would be then be sold.

MedioStream claims that it has been damaged by the infringement of its patent by the defendant firms and will continue to be damaged by such infringement unless there is intervention from the courts, and consequently has demanded a trial by jury.

MedioStream is seeking a temporary and permanent injunction against defendants and their respective agents, employees, officers and so on from continuing in the alleged patent infringement. 

MedioStream also seeks damages from arising from the infringement, though no specific amount is specified, alongside cost and reasonable attorney’s fees.