Dell gives up on keyboardless Surface RT

Dell has stopped selling its version of the Windows RT tablet which lacks a keyboard.

On Friday you could pick one of these up for US$299. But this week the cheapest tablet came bundled with a keyboard for $479.

In a purge at its website, all the options for a standalone tablet had gone.

According to IT World, Dell has been lowering prices for its Windows RT tablet since May.

Needless to say it is because the tablet has not exactly been selling like hot cakes.

The XPS 10 was priced at $499 last year and had dropped to $299 in May.  It also indicates that Dell has seen the writing on the wall when it comes to tablets.

Tablet sales are not about hardware, they are about creating content rather than just consuming it, so a keyboard could be the way forward. But RT as a platform in general is on the ropes.

Keyboards are expensive as a tablet accessory and can be more profitable for Dell than the tablet itself.