Dell, Funai, Kyocera sued over man-machine interface

A case started in the Central District Court of Western California, alleging that Kyocera, Funai and Dell have infringed a patent owned by a company called Man Machine Interface Technologies (MMIT).

MMIT claims that the US patent, 6,069,614, and called Man Machine Interface via Display Peripheral is being breached by these three companies.  The Patent Office, the filing says,  re-examined the patent and a re-examination certification was issued on 7 October 2008.

The case centres around remote control devices – Funai, it’s said has sold infringing devices with televisions and sold such packages under the trademarks Philips and Magnavox.

Dell, it’s alleged has done a similar thing when it’s sold televisions with devices that infringe the patent.

Kyocera, however, has sold cell phones that allegedly breach the patent under both its own name and the Sanyo brand.

MMIT is seeking triple damages, payment of its legal fees, and other costs.