Dell continues Quest quest

Grey box shifter Michael Dell has not given up on his quest for the network enterprise systems management software maker Quest.

Although a deal between the two fell apart, Dell apparently thinks the outfit is the Holy Grail and is polishing his armour to have another crack at it.

According to Reuters, the predictions are that Dell will have killed the dragons of disagreement and slain the trolls of disharmony by the weekend.

Dell is planning to offer between $23 and $26 per share to buy the enterprise systems management software maker, two sources told Reuters on condition of anonymity because the discussions were not public.

The deal fell apart after investors sent Dell’s shares down 17 percent when the company reported a its bad revenue forecast.

Quest struck a separate acquisition agreement with Insight Venture Partners in March at a price of $2 billion and a couple of weeks ago it announced that it had received multiple alternative proposals.

Dell, which has bought five companies so far this year including Wyse Technology and SonicWall, is also weighing other acquisition targets, such as BMC Software.

Dell has been pushing into more management areas as it tries to get away from PCs and become a one-stop shop for IT needs of corporations.