Dell, Commtiva, Performance Audio, Pioneer sued by Traffic for patent infringement

Dell, Commtiva, Performance Audio and Pioneer have been brought to court in Texas by Traffic Information for the alleged infringement of two of its patents.

The first patent in question is US Patent No. 6,785,606, entitled “System For Providing Traffic Information,” which was approved on August 31, 2004. The second is US Patent No. 6,466,862, which is similarly entitled “System For Providing Traffic Information.” It was approved on October 12, 2002.

Both patents detail a system for providing traffic information to multiple mobile users on a network. It utilises a number of traffic monitors made up of a traffic detector and transmitter, which are connected to a computer and network. Traffic signals are sent between these devices.

Traffic has accused the four technology firms of infringing the patents and said that it has notified Dell, Commtiva and Pioneer in the past about the infringement, but the notice was allegedly ignored, making the continued infringement “willful and deliberate”. It stated that it therefore has “the right to sue for and recover all past, present and future damages for infringement of the […] patent.”

Traffic claims that it has been “irreparably damaged” as a result of the infringements and should therefore be entitled to damages from each of the defendants. For the three companies who had been previously informed about the patents, Traffic is seeking three times the damages set by the Court.