Dell commits to VMWare cloud service

The latest in boxmaker Dell’s portfolio is a data storage platform which will use VMWare

Basically it will be storage rental, but unlike your secret locker at the Docks, Dell’s service will be cloud-based.

We can expect, says Dell, the expected. Michael Dell’s lot promises that business buyers will be able to have their share of space based on a secure data centre. VMWare will be pleased with the win.

MarketWatch points out that the move lands Dell against other bigwigs in the sector, like IBM and Amazon, plus plenty of other smaller players. Of course, with Dell’s push towards the cloud – the coffers are stuffed with cash for marketing and service development – it will hope customers plump for it instead. 

The idea is to slowly help businesses move away from the traditional data centre and get connected, which is a bit like everyone else’s idea too. 

Dell plans to roll the service out as soon as by the end of this year for US customers, while everyone else will  be disappointed that the thrilling product will be on hold until  2012.

Financials for Dell this year were OK, but demonstrated a move away from hardware and into services.