Dell buys data storage firm Exanet

Dell is picking up some bargains from the Israeli tech souk, coughing up some $12 million for bankrupt Israeli start-up Exanet, which – like many other Israeli firms – deals in data storage development.

Similar to fellow former Israeli firm, EMC, Exanet is also concerned with how to put a tonne of data onto a bunch of disks and protect it, back it up and provide good performance when accessing it.

Unfortunately for Exanet, however, its business model was looking a lot less secure than its offerings last month when it went into receivership.

But Dell seems to have saved the firm’s non-kosher bacon, and given itself an R&D centre in Israel in the process, the firm’s first in the Middle East.

Exanet should also give Dell a leg up in the services department, especially in terms of clustered storage, where it lags behind competitors like HP.