Dell buys Boomi

PC, notebook and server maker Dell boldly claimed it will reach into its treasure trove and buy Boomi, a “leader” in the SaaS field (Software as a Service). Boomi says it is oh-so happy to join “the Dell family” and join up in the clan feud against HP, which recently threw Dell’s toys out of the pram after winning a bidding war to acquire storage company 3PAR. In contrast to the good old times, it is highly unlikely Boomi will aid Dell in burning HP’s house down at Bergþórshvoll and pay a weregild after having fingers smacked at an Althing.

Dell’s flacks are shouting from the roof how great and innovative Boomi’s Atomsphere platform is, which apparently allows to shove data between applications running on company hardware and servers looming in the cloud, no frills attached. Salesforce CRM uses Boomi’s technology, as apparently do hundreds of other customers spread around the globe.

Dell didn’t say how much the newest takeover will cost, so cat and dog will have to wait until the company releases its next quarterly figures. The company is probably rather happy not to have gotten in a scrap with HP over its newest deal. Dell initially offered to pay $18 per share of 3Par, around $1.15 billion. HP went on offering even more until Dell packed its bags and left HP paying $2.4 billion, far more money than 3Par was worth.

Meanwhile Dell has lost an embarrassing court case over in Taiwan, after it refused to cough up the goods it offered last year. It was down to a pricing error, said Dell, but the courts found that: “The defendant is an international corporation and it should not evade responsibilities stipulated in the contract”.  It’s not the first time Dell has refused to send out kit it mistakenly advertised online on the cheap, getting into trouble with the Taiwanese government again earlier this year.