Dell and EMC go to couples counselling

Marriage guidance counsellors are apparently hopeful that the long-running relationship between Dell and EMC might be saved.

Dell has resold billions of dollars of EMC’s data storage equipment, mostly to small and mid-sized businesses.

But the relationship was on the rocks after Michael Dell was seen flirting with EMC’s sworn enemy,  the high-end storage maker 3PAR.

EMC was shocked to hear that Dell had offered $1.15 billion to buy 3PAR when he never splashed out any cash on it at all. Apparently EMC felt that Dell had taken it for granted and felt it was time that the relationship had some time out.

It didn’t help that 3PAR was eventually bought by the winer and diner of software porn stars HP either. EMC CEO Joe Tucci was deeply upset that Dell would even consider flirting with another storage company.

However, now it seems that the relationship is back on track. Dell has apparently shown up with a box of chocolates and some service station flowers to say he was sorry.

Tucci said that they are talking again and will see if the couple can do “something more meaningful and lasting,” Tucci said.

Both apparently want to do something, but Tucci said that “it’s got to be meaningful, and it’s got to be lasting for me.”

After all when you have been hurt, it is always tricky to make a comeback without any resentment.

But the two tech giant are now trying to resolve their differences, Tucci told Reuters.

Dell spokesman David Frink said his company has started selling two new EMC product lines this year.

He said that EMC always has a special place in Dell’s storage portfolio. He is so romantic.