David Cameron has been watching too many cop shows

Prime Minister David Cameron is attempting to get his snooper’s charter back online again after being killed off by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg for being too expensive.

Cameron now  wants to further legalise the government’s ability to spy on pretty much all communications because of what he sees in the fictional cop shows on television.

According to the BBC, Cameron told a parliamentary committee that gathering communications data was “politically contentious” but vital to keep citizens safe.

He said that in the most serious crimes shows, such as child abduction cases, communications data is vital.

“I love watching, as I probably should stop telling people, crime dramas on the television. There’s hardly a crime drama where a crime is solved without using the data of a mobile communications device,” he said.

Cameron said that the government had to explain to people that… “if we don’t modernise the practice and the law, over time we will have the communications data to solve these horrible crimes on a shrinking proportion of the total use of devices and that is a real problem for keeping people safe”.

In other words, because fictional characters on crime drama TV shows make use of data, that is somehow proof that it is necessary. What is interesting is that Cameron is clearly selective in his viewing. If he watched Enemy of the State it would show how government can abuse such information, or maybe that is the idea.

That is right. Because Cameron has seen shows on TV where criminal cases are solved because of technology, he thinks that it is vital that the country should give up its right to privacy. It is just as well he does not watch much science fiction or he would be spending many tax dollars looking for alien technology and monitoring police phone boxes. Sheesh even Thatcher did not get that mad and she was completely barking.

Next he will be calling for a public inquiry into why so many serial killers have hit the town of Bradfield in West Yorkshire over the last decade.