Data centres to drive internet of things

MausoleumThere are going to be many billions of connected “things” over the next few years that the data centre will come into its own.

That’s the conclusion of a report from IDC which said installed service provider data centre capacity hit by internet of things (IoT) workloads will grow by something close to 750 percent between now and 2019.

And such a massive jump in data being stored in these warehouses will mean larger centres, mostly based on infrastructure that’s in the cloud.

Hyperscale data centres will be the major part of many IoT services by 2019 and analytics will become increasingly important.

Service providers, in their turn, will adopt IoT technologies and services to monitor and manage assets.

It’s obviously good news for data centre vendors if IDC predictions turn out to be true. And it’s also good news for vendors providing analytics sifting through vast numbers of data in the future.