Cult of Apple comes under the spotlight

An influential actor who sells out his one man shows dealing with the dark underbelly of humanity has been packing out the Sydney Opera house with his Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

Mike Daisey has been performing monologues for 15 years on topics ranging from 9/11 to Nikola Tesla to Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard but has turned his attention to the Apple Cargo cult and the way it makes its toys in Chinese sweatshops.

Daisey toured the factories posing as a businessman and found people being worked to death to satisfy Apple fanboy gadget lust.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Heraldthe actor who was famous for making Steve Woz cry said that people who did know about the conditions in which their gadgets were made had “grown to accept the situation” and engaged in a “sort of denialism”, telling themselves

Needless to say he has attracted the anger of Apple fanboys who claim he is singling out Apple when the rest of the technology industry is just as guilty. He ignored the fact that the suicide rate at the Foxconn factories is lower than the reported official average in China.

Daisey said that Apple fanboys had the most amazing moral and ethical equivalency. If they raised the blinds just a little bit and see with human eyes and they could be an enormous force for actually getting real change to happen. Instead they choose to remain children playing with toys –  it’s infantilism of the highest order, he said.

He said that it is an unbelievably pathetic defence to say Apple is responsible for atrocities but so are other companies, he said, adding Apple should lead the industry into a more ethical approach.

While Woz has seen the show and said it changed his life, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a statement that if it didn’t run on ESPN or CNBC, and he hadn’t seen it. Daisey points out that means that Cook would only acknowledge what he is doing to his workers if there was a mainstream television article on it.