CSR and WiLAN sign patent agreement

Wireless technology licensing company WiLAN and chippy producers of low energy bluetooth and others CSR have given up the ghost, finally coming to an agreement that will stop all current litigation.

The deal will now be settled out of court. Financial terms have not been disclosed, but CSR is set for signing a mutli-icensing agreement to access WiLAN’s patent portfolio. WiLAN had previously shouted at tech companies for infringing on one of its patents, related to Bluetooth. The litigation agreement came to a close at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

CSR’s main beat is Bluetooth and chips.

WiLAN expects a definitive agreement to be signed over the coming weeks. The licence arrangements were signed through a memorandum of understanding and will last for a “multi-year” timeframe. 

WiLAN has, it says, over 1,100 issued or pending patents.