CSC to cut 640 jobs after botched NHS contract

Computer Sciences Corporation has announced it will cut 640 jobs, taking its total redundancies to 1,100 in the past two months.

Staff working on an NHS contract to create a national electronic database have been told that they will face compulsory redundancies.

CSC had been tasked with putting into place the ill-fated Lorenzo system, which resulted in the firm losing out on almost a billion pounds it was due to get from the NHS for the disastrous £12 billion project.  

Now CSC has announced that it will have to cut employee levels by 640 after prolonged negotiation over staff numbers on the NHS contract. 

This is despite claims from unions insisting that compulsory redundancies are not in fact necessary.

Unite claims that it has put a plan in place to avoid the necessity of redundancies, with sufficient numbers of staff already volunteering to leave the firm.   

The union labelled the cuts “wholly unnecessary”, and claimed that the firm was only concerned with lining its shareholders pockets.

Unite is also angry at the role of the National Outsourcing Association, which supported the job cuts.

Jobs of workers at the Chesterfield, Chorley, Leeds and Solihull sites will go. Unite hit out at CSC for ensuring the safety of jobs outsourced to India, where the union says they have been guaranteed “regardless of expertise or level of skill”.

CSC has claimed that the cuts are in fact due to a shifting landscape in the IT services market. 

CSC recently managed to wrangle a large Ministry of Defence contract, after being given the nod by the government to take the job off of HP’s hands.