Crop World hit by anti-Monsanto protests

Anti-Monsanto and GM crops protesters swooped on Amsterdam’s RAI conference centre – where the RSA Conference is taking place – armed with a drum circle and several hundred people.

“Crop World 2013” was running just next door to RSA 2013. Protesters from March against Monsanto told TechEye that they object to the actions of big crop companies around the world, including enforcing their patents and saddling farmers with crippling debt.

One organiser said: “The evidence shows pesticide use is going up and in the longer term the harvest doesn’t go up – maybe in the first few years, but now it’s lower with GM crops than with normal crops. So what are they doing?

“They make money, but it’s not useful.

“It’s making farmers dependents, and it’s creating more super weeds. It’s clearly their business, but there is no argument for it continuing”.

The demonstration was peaceful, if noisy, and security staff didn’t seem concerned.

We tried to gain access to Crop World 2013, but our RSA badge could only get us so far.