Court tells Apple to stop mucking about

The fruit themed cargo cult Apple was told to stop messing around and to take its punishment for running an illegal cartel with the publishing companies.

Ever since Apple was convicted for antitrust behaviour it has done its best to ignore the court appointed antitrust monitor and spent a fortune to get the poor bloke fired.

Yesterday the company lost its latest bid to put the court-appointed antitrust monitor on hold until it was able to appeal its conviction.

Jobs’ Mob claimed that the anti-trust monitor was preventing it creating new ideas, which is amusing because it implies that depends on setting up price cartels with its partners and stinging its customers with over inflated prices. This is after all what the antitrust monitor was supposed to stop.

Needless to say the federal appeals court rejected its argument and managed to see through Apple’s Reality Distortion Field, which is more than the companies’ executives could do. The price cartel was set up by Steve Jobs and therefore is considered pure and holy.

In a brief order, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York said that monitor Michael Bromwich may continue to examine Apple’s antitrust compliance policies while the company pursues a broader appeal seeking to remove him altogether.

In a statement, a Department of Justice spokeswoman said the government was pleased with the decision.

A spokeswoman, Gina Talamona told Reuters that the ruling makes abundantly clear that Apple must now cooperate with the court-appointed monitor.

US District Judge Denise Cote installed Bromwich in October and rejected Apple’s protests in January, saying that the company’s reaction only underscored the necessity of an external monitor.