Costco tells Apple to go shove itself

THE US’s largest  membership warehouse club chain has decided to kill off its range of Apple gear.

At Costco’s fiscal first-quarter earnings call, Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti confirmed the retailer is in the process of phasing out Apple products from its shelves.

According to the Seattle Times, Costco has had a gutsful about the way it has been treated by Jobs’ Mob.

Despite its size, the wholesaler Apple refused to let Costco buy stock of products like the iPad while rivals like Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart Stores, and Target were given access.

Jobs also refused to let Costco flog Apple’s products through its own online store. It was banned from carrying out any of the signficant discounts that made the warehouse famous.

Costco has used its large power to force manufacturers into line in the past.

It even told the mighty Coca-Cola that it would stop flogging its brand of brown fizzy stuff during a pricing row last year. The two outfits worked it out.

In this case, Apple is not keen to give up its method of telling retailers exactly how to flog its products and as a result Costco can’t be bothered.

While you can’t argue that Steve Jobs‘ methods have been successful, one can’t help wondering how much more successful Apple would be if it was not for the over reaching control problems he seems to have.