Copyright troll Righthaven takes another hammering

The cuddly copyright-troll Righthaven has hit another iceberg in its attempt to squeeze cash out of people who it claims nicked client content.

A Colorado federal judge iced pending lawsuits because he was not convinced Righthaven can sue over Denver Post articles.

Righthaven had been making a killing threatening those who linked to Denver Post articles with a choice of paying them money or having to face expensive legal action.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, a licensing arrangement between the Denver Post and Righthaven does not actually give the outfit the right to sue.

The deal between Stephens Media and Righthaven gives each a 50 percent stake in any settlements or verdicts. However, it said that Righthaven has no right to exploit Stephens Media’s assigned copyrights other than the right to proceeds in association with a recovery.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has pointed out that nobody can sue and claim ownership of a work unless they have the rights to reproduce and redistribute the work.

Righthaven has been using a loophole in copyright law to sue bloggers.

So far Righthaven has sued 300 websites on copyright-infringement allegations. A percentage have paid up rather than go through an expensive court case.