Computers are bending our intelligence

Oxford streetSpeaking at Silicon Valley comes to Oxford at the Said Business Centre, the founder of Yelp and Quid said computers are fundamentally changing the way human beings think.

Bob Goodson said: “Something very special is happening in our lifetime. We are a quarter of the way into a 100 year revolution on what it’s like to be human.”

He said intelligence is being altered by computers. “It’s how we think that makes us human,” he said. “Language is a technology and it’s hard to imagine existing without it. Computing will modify the way we think.”

Bob Goodson of QuidGoodson compared life in 1987 with life now. In 1987 if we wanted to find something out, we’d go to a library, meet somebody in person, or phone them up. Now, he said, using Google and the like, we can discover something in around six seconds. Bu he said that advertising is skewing the internet.

For that reason he doesn’t “consume media”. He believes that the media is so skewed by advertising that it prevents people from seeing bigger trends. So, presumably, he won’t be reading this.

“It all has an impact on what it is to be human, fundamentally connected across the planet.”

He said people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Steven Hawking are concerned about artificial intelligence with machines eventually replacing humans. Safeguards had to be built to prevent us ending up in a Bladerunner style world, he thought.