Computer grasses up Ceglia

The New York bloke who claims to own half of Facebook appears to have been grassed up by his own computer as a fraud.

Paul Ceglia claims that Mark Zuckerberg offered him half of his holdings for designing the Facebook website.

According to AP,  Facebook said its inspection of computers turned over by Paul Ceglia have turned up a “smoking gun” and evidence of fraud.

US Magistrate Judge Leslie Foschio ordered Ceglia to let Facebook run forensic tests on his computers, hard drives and electronic storage media, as well as on the contract and the email he says support his claim.

Facebook experts say that as a result it now has proof that the contract at the heart of this case is a forgery.

The evidence was “embedded in the electronic data on Ceglia’s computer”. Paul Argentieri, a lawyer for Ceglia, refused to comment on Facebook’s claim.

The Judge ordered Facebook to produce examples of Zuckerberg’s signature and 176 emails from his  Harvard University email account.

Both sides have claimed that each other has failed to comply fully. Ceglia has been accused of claiming that all 120 relevant items found on his computers, CDs and floppy disks were confidential. Facebook said it wants the “smoking gun” and other materials made public.