Competitors rub palms over HP PC deathbed

HP’s thumb-twiddling over its PC business is allowing rivals to encroach on its European notebook sales and elsewhere, too.

TechEye endeavours to find out more, as always, but with most approaches to the redundant art of public relations of the wing and a prayer variety, actual comment is few and far between.

Acer has been experiencing increased orders in the European channel, with volumes heading north of three million.

According to Digitimes, downstream channel retailers are beginning to turn to the likes of Asustek and Acer thanks to Action Man Apotheker’s suicide note.  Acer already has a decent presence in the European market so it can ill afford to wait around.

While it originally seemed that the increase would be but a short blip, orders are continuing to soar.  Even for netbooks which the analysts claim have been suffering lately.

TechEye approached representatives of Sony, Dell and Asus, represented by Beige London, Axicom and TruPR respectively.

However so far we’ve received nothing and will be forced to play that waiting game before the usual belated and tepid, drafted response.  Otherwise the usual black hole for doomed PR requests awaits, with a large piled titled ‘TechEye’ growing steadily at the bottom while the admins obsess over metrics in spreadsheets.

You would think the CEOs of these companies would be keen to get their message across. The problem is the agencies aren’t aware that they’re hated by the companies that hire them for trumped up admin, and really do think they control the news.

Let the guessing game of PR roulette commence. First Prize goes to Asus, represented by Tru PR, which came back with a resounding ‘no comment’ in a rather respectable one and a half hours after our original request. Tru PR prefers sending out fluff releases like their terminally crap “Newsflash! The speaker is dead” failed viral that was so bad we couldn’t ignore it.