Companies are happy with 3D printers

3D printer - Wikimedia CommonsAdvances in technology and the business benefits of 3D printers mean that companies using them are beginning to reap benefits.

Market research company IDC surveyed a number of companies in the USA at the end of last year and have discovered that 90 percent of respondents were “very satisfied” using them in a business context.

While very large enterprises and manufacturing are currently driving 3D printer sales, that isn’t the end of the story.

Keith Kmetz, a VP at IDC said: “These printers are typically acquired for a specific creation workflow, but once in place the usage expands rapidly to other types of applications.”

He continued: “The early adopters who recognised the substantial cost and time to market benefits of 3D printing have carried the day.” He said that it’s the ability to expand their usage that will push 3D printing sales up.

Those surveyed thought ease of use and service/support are as important to companies as price, and 3D printer penetration increases depending on the size of an enterprise.

While people who don’t use 3D printers are lukewarm, IDC believes this will change soon.