Cloud touted to bring China and Taiwan together

Acer boss, JT Wang, is mooting an unlikely alliance to see off South Korea.

Wang thinks that Taiwan and China should cooperate in developing mobile cloud computing technology.

Chatting to a cross-Taiwan Strait information and communication technology (ICT) forum, Wang said the IT industry was undergoing revolutionary changes as it moved from a single structure dominated by Windows and Intel to a multi-platform world.

He said that the world wide wibble was the next big thing in the global technology market and Taiwan and China need to devise a structurally competitive strategy, to give them an unbeatable edge in this new world.

According to Focus Taiwan, Wang’s cunning plan is for the two countries to jointly develop cloud computing-based mobile internet services.

He thinks that this which would combine the strengths of Taiwan and China and help them better take on South Korea.

This might be so, and the two could make a fair bit of cash from such an arrangement.

Taiwan has a few problems dealing with South Korea because it has vertically integrated supply chains, which are difficult to break or clean off the carpet.

The only problem with the cunning plan is that China, which was represented at the event, has a few problems with Taiwan, which considers itself an independent country. China believes that Taiwan is a rebel province that it will one day have to bring into line.