Cloud systems turn vendors into superpowers

Chipmaker AMD says that managers are slow to understand cloud based computing systems and need to lean more on vendors.

John Fruehe, Director, product marketing, at AMD said that CIOs and IT managers need a better understanding of cloud computing.

Speaking to ITP,  Fruehe said that while virtualisation and cloud computing were the key to IT departments making key efficiency gains many organisations still are not sure what they should be doing.

Fruehe said that managers know that they have to move to cloud based systems but they are having to figure out how to do it.

There are all sorts of minefields such as regulatory, legal and security problems, and how they relate to their data centres. At the moment managers are not cutting the mustard when it comes to working things out.

Fruehe said that it was “important for people to be able to hear what they should be asking for. If you look at a cloud environment, that is uncharted territory for so many companies, he said.

He thinks that punters should be asking their providers. We guess this puts vendors in a pretty powerful position of being able to tell punters what they should be buying.

Although if you use that policy we would have thought you would end up with a lot of things that you did not really need, but the vendor wants to flog you.”