Cloud passes over central Europe

Clouds over the Old Power Station, OxfordAs IBM announced that the US government had approved the sale of its semiconductor business to GlobalFoundries (GloFo),the company said that its current focus on cloud computing is paying off in central and eastern Europe.

IBM decided some years back that it was foolish spending billions on state of the art fabrication plants (fabs) when its one time rival Intel was beating it on all fronts. And it has concentrated on getting rid of other non-core businesses too.

Now IBM seems to be all about the cloud and according to a claim it made today, startups and thriving businesses are adopting IBM cloud technology in their droves. This could be bad news for Microsoft, which seems to have decided it’s a cloud company too.

IBM quoted the International Monetary Fund as saying that the economy has begun to recover in central and eastern Europe.

IBM said that a number of organisations across the region have adopted IBM Cloud, including in Russia, in the Czech Republic, in Slovenia and in Poland.

The company did not say what type of revenue such business was generating, but if its cloud business generates as much money as IBM generates press releases about the cloud, then it’s doing quite well, thank you very much.