Cloud means happy days ahead for all sorts of vendors

A forecast from IDC predicted that spending by public cloud service providers on storage, but also on hardware, software and services will grow at a rate of 23.6 percent from 2010 to 2015.

By 2015, spending both for public and private clouds will amount to a rather significant $22.6 billion. That’s even amidst the macroeconomic doom and gloom, according to Richard Villars, a VP at IDC.

Public cloud based providers such as iTunes, Netflix, Facebook and Youtube have been the chief drivers over the last three years or so.  Outfits such as Amazon, Webex Connect, “have undertaken massive storage buildouts,” IDC said.

But, the thing is, these consumers of storage want low-cost hardware and need high-cost software.

“Big data developments will be perhaps the most critical new marketplace for storage solutions providers,” said Villars.

It’s no wonder that Intel is so bullish about data centre sales, really. Storage is not boring.