Cloud infrastructure market shows strong growth

Clouds over Florence - Mike Magee pictureIf you’re a client, you need a server and if you’ve a server you need storage and an Ethernet switch too. Combined, this is called IT infrastructure and a report said that cloud infrastructure grew by 26 percent in the first quarter of this year.

With net revenues of $6.3 billion in the first quarter, for both public and private cloud IT services, this is the second highest growth in the five quarters market research company since IDC started  tracking the sector.

Cloud infrastructure accounted for 30 percent of overall IT infrastructure spending in the quarter, IDC said, outstripping the growth of the whole sector and showing that data workloads were shifting to cloud based systems.

The winning vendors in the first quarter were HP, Dell, Cisco, EMC, Netapp and Lenovo. But if you count original device manufacturers such as Quanta, they outstripped the traditional winners in the sector and held 28.8 percent of market share in the quarter.

ODMs supply their servers directly, bypassing the routes to market and offering a significant price premium over the HPs and Dells of this server world.