Clive Sinclair marries lapdancer

British boffin Sir Clive Sinclair has got the tabloids talking with news that he has married a lapdancer who is a fraction of his age.

Sir Clive, 69 years-old, has married a former lap dancer and Miss England, Angie Bowness, 33 and made a Lady of her.

Sinclair released the eight bit ZX Spectrum home computer in the early 1980s and many British game designers got their start programming games for the computer.

Bowness, 33 years old, first met Sinclair in 1995 while she was in her late teens and was working as a stripper in Stringfellows’ club in Central London.

They have been dating on and off for the last ten years.

Bowness married another businessman and had a son, born in April 1998. After her divorce,  he proposed to her in 2003. She apparently turned him down saying she was too young. Later she changed her mind.

Sinclair has lost interest in computers and computing and has turned his mind to other inventions. It is a wonder how he finds the time.