City changes its name to Google

A city in Kansas which is to become a test hub for a high-speed broadband network has temporarily changed its name to Google.

The city, which was called Topeka, decided on the name change after Google decided to use the region to test out its high-speed broadband network.

Topeka has a population of 226,268 and Mayor William Bunten said that for the month of March, the Kansas capital would be known as “Google, Kansas – the capital city of fibre optics.”, will welcome visitors to “The City of Google”. It is not clear if they are going to change the stationery or the road signs, or the name of the three US Navy ships carrying the name

The web search and advertising giant said the envisioned one-gigabit-per-second networks would be built in “a small number of trial locations” in the United States.

Topeka means “to dig good potatoes” in the languages of the Kansa and the Ioway. Apparently the region was famous for its prairie spuds. Now it will be known for a huge IT company which runs a near monopoly of the search market. Not sure which is better.